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Beautiful Private House in the Suburb

Your home should be a relaxing space...

Finding a contractor, repairman, or landscaper shouldn't be a task you dread, especially if you're new in town! We created this website to make it easier for homeowners to find local contractors/professionals to help with all their home needs. Before listing a property, or after buying a new one, there are typically many things that need to be repaired or updated. If you are an existing homeowner, you know first-hand that maintenance never ends when you own a home and nine times out of ten, it's set on the back burner to life. 

HomeZIP, LLC is the website for you! Search by ZIP code (or surrounding areas) to get that daunting task done.

Construction Worker

Work with your community...

We have seen countless requests for recommendations for local contractors/professionals on social media.  Consumers are searching for local businesses and professionals needed in all areas of home repair or improvement, every day! We offer amazing advertising opportunities, and our goal is to be the #1 site that homeowners go to when they need a local contractor/professional.

With being in the real estate industry, owning our own home and multiple rental properties, we find ourselves in need of these professionals on a monthly basis. Whether it’s needing a tree trimmed, a room painted, housecleaning services, someone to fix a leaky faucet or to help with a move, we wanted to create a space for homeowners to easily find local contractors/professionals to help with all their home needs and a place for contractors/professionals to get their names out to the community!

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